Wednesday 4 January 2012

Volunteers needed to pitch-in

It won't have slipped anyone's notice just how wet the past few weeks have been in West Lothian, with heavy rain and melting snow playing havoc with the local public pitches.

The playing surface here at the Briadwood Motor Company Stadium has also been under attack from the elements, which is why we're now looking for a bank of volunteers to help head groundsman Stuart Speirs should the need arise.

All volunteers would be able to head to the stadium at short notice, with their own garden forks, and not mind expending a bit of elbow grease to help keep the pitch playable.

We realise not everyone will be able to manage every time, which is why we are looking to create a pool of volunteers to call upon should need be.

Interested? Then email Dave Stoker, or call him on 07778 675746 to get yourself on the list.